Brutal Dreamsound


May 18


19:00 - 21:00

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Broadway Gallery


Broadway Gallery

2 The Arcade, Letchworth Garden City, SG6 3EW

Letchworth Garden City, England, GB, SG6 3EW

Presents Acoustic Survey aka Jakub Rokita, Anna Fairchild and Rob Flint/FLOMO in a experimental audiovisual collaboration and performance.

Presents Acoustic Survey aka Jakub Rokita, Anna Fairchild and Rob Flint/FLOMO in a experimental audiovisual collaboration, performance and informal discussion.


7.00pm Short conversation with Rob Flint and Anna Fairchild

7.15pm Screening: Photographic image and sound collaboration by Anna Fairchild and Rob Flint. Audio recordings by Jakub Rokita.

The audiovisual collaboration between Anna Fairchild and Rob Flint will be screened in the space on a high definition screen. Anna and Rob have collaborated remotely for this piece combining oscillations and textures in Anna’s camera-less photographs exhibited in Brutal Dreams and her amplified cello improvisation with Rob’s spatial sound and image processing. The year-long collaboration explored shared interests in the acoustic and visual representation of texture and space, and the connections between Modernism, sci-fi and repetitive processes.

The installed work will be paused in the gallery for this event

7.30pm Post screening conversation with Rob Flint and Anna Fairchild. Then joined by Jakub Rokita to introduce their collaboration.

7.45pm Break/Set up

8.00pm Audiovisual collaboration Brutal Dreamsound will present a collaborative audiovisual performance with Acoustic Survey, Anna Fairchild and Rob Flint/FLOMO using image projection and acoustic, electronic and digital instruments.

9.00pm Close


Acoustic Survey aka Jakub Rokita is a sound installation and visual artist with work focussing on audio-responsive sound and intermedia installations.

Within these performances, audiences become co-creators of the work. His collaborative and solo projects investigate the acoustic qualities of psot industrial and post commercial spaces; sounds of instruments, field recordings and found objects become vessels capturing the resonances of those disused rooms.

Jakub’s visual work with analogue photography, printmaking and VHS video often become intertwined with his acoustic work; one affecting the other with results which frequently have an intermedia character.

Anna Fairchild works with sculpture, experimental camera-less photographic processes and moving images exploring where the two and three dimensional qualities of these merge.

The focus or starting points for her exploration are most often Brutalist and post war architecture and the under looked at fragments of urban spaces. Her visual ideas are rooted in urban layering (palimpsests), mapping and our co-creative negotiation of urban spaces.

Anna has exhibited in the UK, Turkey and Europe such as Made With at Cross Lane Projects, Cumbria in 2020 and Congruous at Saturation Point, London in 2022 and Cartographers in 1997 curated by Zelimir Koscevic in Zagreb, Warsaw and Maribor and co-curated residencies such as Inside, Inside, with Lucy Renton at the 2016 Istanbul Design Biennial parallel programme.

Rob Flint makes work that is curious about how the senses combine, and how human experience is directed by competing information and sensory stimuli.

Sometimes this takes the form of participatory spoken word performances such as ‘Like Work’ (Come il Lavoro) in the Research Pavilion at the 2019 Venice Biennial, and sometimes with musical improvisation such as the ensemble performance of Bill Thompson’s ‘Gates’ composition at Iklecktik London in 2022 with Marjolaine Charbin, Kate Carr, Mark Wastell, ao.

Rob has made live image projections with sonic artists including Steve Beresford, Cathal Coughlan, Charles Hayward, Sean O’Hagan, Gert-Jan Prins, Phil Durrant in Europe, Japan, and UK, where he currently makes audiovisual performances as FLOMO.