THIS IS NOW! – The Architecture of The 21st century City


DEPARTS From centre of Paternoster Square

Paternoster Square, London, EC4M

London, England, GB, EC4M

A London walking tour exploring the shifting shape of contemporary architecture through the latest additions of The City of London.

The Square Mile is London’s contemporary architectural playground and a space of perpetual change. Amidst the unlikely framework of the capital’s most ancient streets, a suite of ever more dazzling monuments to finance and global commerce reach up and out in a bewildering, awe inspiring and sometimes shocking mix of old and new. From fine-tuned brilliance to thumping mediocrity, this walk explores the evolution of space, style and scale through The City’s 21st century additions charting two decades of incredible transformation and ongoing argument.

A London walking tour by The London Ambler – Mike Althorpe